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Pinokio Paintball Hopper

Pinokio Paintball Hopper

This Unique loader has somewhat of a cult following. Either love it or hate it, you cant say its not a super loader. Utalizing an expandable nose cone system the user can switch between a standard 250 round nose cone and the 400 round exteded nose cone. The hopper utilizes a bend sensor to tell it when to start feeding more paint.

Factory Description

The original mission-adaptable high-speed, ultra-reliable hopper that started the trend of hoppers that can increase or decrease in size and capacity, the Pinokio P250/400 “Classic” continues to be the lightest, most reliable high-end hopper on the market! Included with each P250/400 hopper is the short nose piece, which allows the hopper to hold 250 rounds, and a longer “Pinokio” (get it now?) nose that enables to hopper to hold a whopping 400 rounds! For fast games or up-front players who need to keep it light, use the 250 “Classic” in its 250 round configuration. For longer games, “attack and defend”scenarios or for players who just need to hold it down from the back corner, snap on the longer nose in seconds and shoot 400 rounds without reloading!

The Pinokio P250/400 “Classic” is as reliable as it is innovative thanks to its simple design. Able to feed over 20 balls per second without breaking paint, forcing paint into the user’s marker or jamming, thePinokio cranks out over 20 CASES (yes we said cases) of paintballs on two nine-volt batteries that can
be switched without tools! The Pinokio P250/400 “Classic” uses the same batteries as most electronic markers, meaning no more gear bags full of 9 volt batteries for the gun and AA hoppers for the hopper.Best of all, the Pinokio “Classic” has no eyes or sound sensors, so it will work with any brand or color of paintballs and any marker! With a reinforced feed neck, available Speed Feeds and a simple one-touch on/off button, the Pinokio P250/400 “Classic” weighs barely a pound and is backed by one of the most iron-clad warranties in paintball!

Key features of the Pinokio Hopper include:- Massive Capacity (250 rounds with the small nose, 400 rounds with the large nose)- Light Weight (1 Pound with small nose)- 9 volt Battery Operation (no more need to carry 2 kinds of batteries in your gear bag!)- Amazing Battery Efficiency (up to 30 cases of paint on two 9 volts!)- 1-Touch Operation: simple on/off button (no modes to set, it’s feeding fast or it’s off!)- Fast Feed Rate (20+ Balls Per Second with Standard Board)- Reliability and Simplicity (bend sensor technology means no sound sensors or eyes to fail)- Reinforced Feed Neck (virtually eliminates cracked or broken feed necks during diving or sliding)- UNBEATABLE WARRANTY! (Lifetime on Board and Motor, 1 Year on Shells)


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