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Your First Big Scenario Paintball Game

Your First Big Scenario Paintball Game

The sport of paintball is one of the most exciting activities a person can take part in. A day spent with a group of friends in the woods slinging little balls of paint going almost three hundred feet per second is just plain fun. Ten friends split into teams taking turns out-planning, out- shooting and outflanking their opponents is always a good time. Now multiply that group of friends by forty. All across the country paintball field owners host large paintball games with anywhere from a couple hundred to even a couple thousand of players. These large games of paintball are referred to as scenario games and are one of the most exciting games of paintball any player could hope to participate in. A little preparation before these large games can go a long way in guaranteeing that players have the best time possible during the paintball frenzy that is a scenario game.

The first thing a new scenario player should know is that most scenario games have a story associated with them. This story can usually be found on the field’s website which is holding the event or can be found out by simply asking someone who works at the field before the event. The scenario’s story can often tell the players many things about how the scenario game will be organized. A scenario’s story can range from anything to historical battles to a full-fledged zombie invasion. Some players choose to get very involved with scenario story lines and will often come to play in costumes or bring along other props to become more fully engrossed in the scenario game. Understanding the story behind the scenario a player will take part in can add a whole new dimension of fun to the paintball experience.

There are a few other tips a first time scenario player should follow before they rush onto the field and try to win the day for their team. Preparation is important before any paintball event but it is even more critical before a scenario game. Scenario games can last a full day and some events can even take place over several days. The longer the scenario game than the more preparation a player will need to do in order to make their first scenario game a success. Understanding where there is a place to sleep, eat and rest are all very important things when playing paintball for a long period of time. The best way to find out is to ask players that have participated in the specific scenario game you will be attending. Looking for discussions about the big game on the internet can get new players in contact with scenario veterans who will know the best hotels, the best places for food and a ton of other helpful tips that only someone who has played that event in the past can know. If a new player cannot find these helpful tips online they can always go straight to the source of the scenario game and ask the field staff for helpful hints.

Upon arrival to a scenario game a new player can become overwhelmed with the amount of activity at the field. There will likely be a large amount of people around getting ready to start their day of paintball and a new player can often feel intimidated or left out by this huge group of people who may all seem to know each other. This is not how a new player should feel. Instead a new player should use this time before the games start to engage some of your teammates and strike up a conversation. This will not only allow the new scenario player to meet some new people and have a better time during the event but it will be extremely important during the actual game itself.

After preparations are complete, teams are chosen and the scenario objectives are clearly defined the paintball will finally begin. New scenario players who are understandably excited during their first shot at scenario paintball have a tendency to sprint directly into the fray and get painted up within seconds of their first game. This is not as big a problem as getting out during a game with much less people and usually during scenario games players can simply return to a respawn point and be allowed to enter the game again. However, there is a much more effective way to play scenario paintball.

Teamwork is what wins in big paintball games. The team who forms a plan and works together to accomplish that plan will have a much higher chance of success then a team of individual players. The start of the game is where the connections a new player has made directly before the scenario game are extremely useful. A new player should not hesitate to ask a group of other players on their team if they can move with them. The group of scenario players will almost certainly accept and be glad they have another player to help them accomplish the team objectives.

After reading this article a new scenario paintball player can be confident that they will have a little knowledge about the big game before they step onto the field with hundreds of people whose goal it is to mark up opposing players. Preparation and teamwork are the keys to success in any paintball outing, and scenario paintball is no different.




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