Wednesday , 2 September 2015
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Empire Tracer Paintball Gun

Empire Tracer Paintball Gun

The rebirth of an original. The Empire Trracer Paintball Pump Gun is a good answer to the tough economic times when counting your paintball use is a must.

Factory Description
Empire Paintball introduces the updated version of one of the most revered paintball markers ever built, the Trracer. The new design is based on the classic Trracer and the internals are compatible with the original. We’ve updated the pump handle with better ergonomics and added Picatinny rails for accessories. The old dovetail was replaced by a modern Picatinny rail system to fit many of today’s accessories like the 10-round paintball magazine. The accurate Cocker threaded barrel and First Strike compatible breech are a sniper’s dream. Playing pump is old school, but there’ nothing old about the new Trracer from Empire Paintball.


  • .68 Caliber Pump Action Marker
  • Design Based on the Classic Trracer
  • Internals Compatible with Original Marker
  • Cocker Threaded 14” Aluminum Barrel
  • Auto Trigger for Fast Firing
  • First Strike Compatible Breech
  • Picatinny Rails for Adding Accessories
  • Rail Mounted Clamping Feed Elbow
  • Standard 45 Grip
  • Works with CO2 or HPA


About CJ Droma

CJ is an avid player of 7 years who loves to dig into the nuts and bolts of the paintball industry. Off the field CJ loves working at his workbench tearing apart the latest marker to understand its construction and operation. As the owner of PaintballTech, CJ hopes to share his passion with other players that are interested to see the innards of various paintball gear.