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Get her in the Game : How to Get Your Wife or Girlfriend to the Paintball Field

Get her in the Game : How to Get Your Wife or Girlfriend to the Paintball Field

So you found the one thing that makes you happier than anything in the world. Paintball. Your relationship is starting to get serious. So, maybe it’s time to introduce your other love. Whether it be your high school sweetheart, or your wife of ten years, it won’t be easy. Check out some ways to make it easier to get your girl to take that step and head to the paintball field with you.

You need to decide if your leading lady is the type of girl that will want to go out in play. There is a difference between being able to talk her into playing and having to force her to play. You NEVER want to force. Think of it this way. If she isn’t willing to go on a hike or play games outdoors without fear of breaking her nails or messing up her hair, chances are you’re out of luck on this one. But, if your girl is the type to get down and dirty then she might be into it.

In the process of getting her to agree, she’s going to ask that question. Does it hurt? What does it feel like? Be honest. Personally, I was never able to relate to the whole “it feels like a rubber band snap” thing that many people say. Let her know that because of the adrenaline when you play, she won’t feel it too much when she gets hit. Try and pick up a couple of instant cold packs from the pharmacy (less than $5 for two) to ice those head or neck shot right after they happen at the field. Unlike you tough guys, bruises aren’t that cool for us girls to walk around with for a week.

When you get to the field, make sure she’s well prepared. Layers are best. If either of you have a knit winter cap to protect her head, that would be ideal. If the field rents chest protectors, or even has one on sale for cheap, make sure you get her one. Breast shots are incredibly painful and, at least from my experience, bruise much worse than other body shots.

Take a look at the rental masks. If you have extra equipment, you need not worry. If she’s renting, use your head. This is a mask that has been worn by hundreds of sweaty guys. It’s going to be uncomfortable and gross. Consider letting her use your mask for the day. You can survive one day without your beloved I4s for the sake of your special someone.

If you’ve made it this far, Congrats! You’re on the field. Last thing to do is assure she is going to have a good time while playing. Take is slow. Don’t play advanced airball and leave her in the dust. Stick with her at a slower paced game and make sure she is having fun. Be sure to check and see when she wants to take breaks and be ready to cut the day short if she wants to.

At the end of the day, be sure you thank her for sharing in your favorite hobby. Don’t push her to go again all the time, but ask if she enjoyed herself and would want to play again sometime. Either way, you’re going to owe her big. Prepare for the chick flicks and massages for the rest of the night, it’s only fair.

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Abigail Frazier
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