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Gun Whoring: Disease or Passion

Gun Whoring: Disease or Passion

Like any sport paintball is full of people who constantly buy the latest and greatest gear, or collect older and classic guns. Some people calling it Gun Whoring, some call it Hording, I call it an empty bank account. I consider myself to be both a Gun Whore and a Hoarder.

For quite some time I had a nice collection of e-cockers, it was a passion of mine and the e-cocker is still one of my favorite guns of all time. But, as life went on and my finances dwindled due to lack of work, I found myself selling off my collection. In this process of downsizing I had to re-evaluate what it was I looked for and wanted in a paintball gun. And to this day the Vicious Ego11 I’ve owned since December 2010 has been the one gun I’ve owned the longest. Its smooth, fast, reliable, and comfortable to shoot. I was looking for a gun that I could leave in my gear back for a couple weeks, if not months, and not have to worry about maintaining it as much, and still having it shoot. The ego11 fit the bill for me. But, like everything in life, its personal preference, and other people have their own opinions on what works for them.

On a mission to understand this disease better I posted a thread on Techpb.com asking the users there what their thoughts were on it, and why they did what they did when it comes to online Buy/Sell/Trade. Some of the responses were pretty generic. Now, before I go any further, I fully support buying from your local shop, if you have easy access to one. Yet, at the same time, I’ve always been an advocate of buying used as well. The used market has much more to offer then the new market, and you can usually score an older high end for the price of a new mid/low end. That being said, if you decide to buy a new gun, please go support your local shop, if we as players don’t support these shops then it just hurts our sport in the long run. Back on track

One of the most notorious Gun Whores on Techpb had this to say about his addiction.

I “gun whore’d” to try every possible marker out there. At least in my opinion of what was worthy to be my primary. I realized after lots and lots of reading, I wanted a spoolie since they are smoother. Efficiency wasnt an issue since had switched to playing strictly speedball. 27 markers later, I’ve settled down.” Hebiki

Hebiki is one of the better known Gun Whores on TechPB. Every time he gets a new gun he makes sure to post pictures of it on the forum with some witty title, just to make us all jealous. Well, it works, he has some of the nicest guns out there. His reasoning, try everything he can till he finds something he truly likes and sticks with it. Not a bad way to go about finding that one style of gun that works for you, if you can afford it.

But what about those that cant go out and afford to purchase of one every high end out there? What do they do instead? They become B/S/T Ninjas. These are the paintballers that have such an addiction to B/S/T, that as soon as they receive a new to them gun its not uncommon that its posted up for sale or trade in less then 24 hours. These are the people that have a “problem” as stated by this user

(SOUP) continues to be gun whore, even after knowing exactly what he likes to shoot. It’s a problem.

There really is no cure for this disease. These people are destined to buy and flip guns until the day they decide to stop playing, or the internet crashes. These are the players that show up at the field every weekend with a new gun, talking about the next great deal they are working. Every once in a while you will run across someone who finds that one marker, that Holy Grail of guns. The One Gun that finally brakes them of their disease. I’ve only seen it a couple times, but it does happen.

I see it more often with gun hoarding then gun whoring. Life has a cruel way of forcing us to sell some prized possessions in order to make ends meet. Being a victim of life I’ve had to sell off most of my collection, and I miss some of those guns. But, others just simply find one gun they enjoy shooting over all others, an tend to stick with it. Yet, the desire to buy new shinnies never really goes away. Then you have the ones that are so sick they simply cant be helped.

This is the player that doesn’t care what he shoots, as long as its new, and high end. This is the player that spends all his spare change on hew, and sometimes used, guns. Usually this person can be found buying Ramen Noodles in bulk because they spent all their money on a new gun. They like shiny new toys, and usually don’t care what anyone else thinks. There is no hope for these people, as when the next Luxe or Clone or Ego gets released, they sill sell what the own and buy new again.

These types of players can sometimes be our deepest well of knowledge when it comes to guns and teching. They have shot just about every high end out there, and have most likely spent a good bit of time teching and tuning said guns. So it goes with out saying, they are the Subject Matter Experts. The people, no matter how sick they may be, are the same people that knows what works and what does as far as aftermarket parts. Ever wanted a new bolt/engine for your shocker or luxe? Ever wanted to try out a TechT product? Well, go ask a gun whore, chances are they have shot or owned a gun that has those parts in them. Even though they may be a wealth of knowledge, they still have a seemingly incurable sickness.

When it comes to us non gun whores/hoarders, the best place to go for advice on a new or used gun, would be your local field. Track down that guy that always seems to have a new gun,or that guy that shows up with 3 gear bags full of stuff. Chances are they know a thing or 2 about the gun’s you are wanting to buy, even if its just a simple, “I shot it and didn’t like the feel, so I sold it”. Eve an opinion like that can make or break the decision to buy a gun. If enough people you play with tell you gun A just doesn’t feel right, there might be cause to listen to them. Players beware though, if you have a gun that said person has never shot, or seen, they may come after you like a dog after bacon with offers of money, gear, and maybe some “special time”. Most gun whores that I know would be satisfied just paying a game or 2 with your gun, then you can avoid the “special time”. And remember, there is no sure fire cure that we know of yet, so lets help out our gun whoring friends, be supportive, post pictures of the latest and greatest gear for them to drool over.

About Andrew Levick

Andrew Levick
Andrew has been playing for the better part of 10 years, loving every aspect of the game from Tourneys to Scenario Games, to regular Rec play. Andrew is an avid freelance writer and helps run the forums over at TechPB.com. Andrew is also a military serviceman serving in Afghanistan in two different tours. When not playing paintball he enjoys shooting and mountain biking.