Sunday , 30 August 2015
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Under new management!

Under new management! is under new management! After speaking with the founder and owner of paintballtech it became apparent that our visions for the site and community lined up pretty well. So after about point two seconds of soul searching, I hopped on board and am now the owner of the site!

Before I introduce myself, I want to first address what is and is not going to change. First what’s not going to change. The current format, look and intent of paintballtech will stay the same. what is going to change, however, is more of the same great content you’ve come to enjoy, plus new video reviews, podcasts and more content!

Now for my introduction: my name is Caleb Hollingsworth. I am a working IT professional, member of the armed forces, and a passionate paintball player with 5 years of experience. I live in the great northwest where there is a great paintball community and culture that i’ve had the privilege and honor of being part of.

I look forward to manning the helm here at paintballtech, I have a plethora of ideas that I cant wait to implement and try out!


About CJ Droma

CJ is an avid player of 7 years who loves to dig into the nuts and bolts of the paintball industry. Off the field CJ loves working at his workbench tearing apart the latest marker to understand its construction and operation. As the owner of PaintballTech, CJ hopes to share his passion with other players that are interested to see the innards of various paintball gear.