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Contraptions for Keeping Cool


More times than I can count, I have seen players ignore their need for water and pay for it later in the day.  Being such a physically demanding activity, players need to stay hydrated.  Next week, I will talk more about the importance of hydration, but for now I will highlight some products I have experience with to help players ... Read More »

50 Cal: 10,000 shots later


Fifty caliber markers are by no means a new innovation in the paintball industry.  Blowguns and the Crosman 3357 from the ‘80s are some of the first to introduce the round to the industry.  Fast-forward to 2009, and G.I. Sports and Kingman decided to make the push to use the round again.  I jumped into this sensation around 2012, after ... Read More »

Will the Democrat push for gun control hurt the paintball industry?

Dynasty is sponsored by what company now?  Impact just signed who?  Wolf got made the general of what scenario?  Paintball politics has grown just as much as the sport has.  Usually, the sport is only faced with inside political squabble.  But as of this past December, real-life politics has thrust itself into the paintball realm in a very sensitive way. ... Read More »

Girl on Girls: My Opinion on Females in Paintball

girl on girl picture

“You just got beat by a GIRL,” one of my friends said to the player I had beat.  He didn’t get beat by a pump player.  He didn’t get beat by a player ranked two divisions below him.  He didn’t get beat by a player with just about no tournament experience.  He got beat by a Girl. Read More »

Get her in the Game : How to Get Your Wife or Girlfriend to the Paintball Field

Getting your girlfriend or wife to play paintball.

So you found the one thing that makes you happier than anything in the world. Paintball. Your relationship is starting to get serious. So, maybe it’s time to introduce your other love. Whether it be your high school sweetheart, or your wife of ten years, it won’t be easy. Check out some ways to make it easier to get your girl to take that step and head to the paintball field with you. Read More »