Monday , 31 August 2015
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G.I. Sportz to buy Kee Action Sports


GI Sportz is pleased to announce that it has acquired KEE Action Sports. The acquisition brings together two industry leaders and multiple iconic brands providing an unparalleled product line to the dealer/field base with the best customer service in the paintball industry. With the acquisition of KEE, GI Sportz has brought together a management team comprised of seasoned industry leaders ... Read More »

Tippmann TCR, a schmorgas board of features


Breaking down the TCR press release for more details on the Tippmann TCR Read More »

Contraptions for Keeping Cool


More times than I can count, I have seen players ignore their need for water and pay for it later in the day.  Being such a physically demanding activity, players need to stay hydrated.  Next week, I will talk more about the importance of hydration, but for now I will highlight some products I have experience with to help players ... Read More »

Paintball Injuries: A Discussion of Causes and Prevention

Signs and symptoms

Paintball can be one of the most intense physical sports in the world, despite its lack of player on player (intentional) contact. Every weekend people go to their backyards, speed ball fields, and big games without the slightest inkling of what they are about to put their (unprepared) bodies through, and thousands of minor injuries happen in the US alone. ... Read More »

Behind the Fog

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Behind the Fog A behind the scenes look at the family. By Denise Kawaii It was early spring when I first started corresponding with Derek Roberts, owner of We were working together on a press release to be put out announcing his company as one of the gold sponsors of SuperGame 45, the largest big-game event in Oregon ... Read More »

Mag Fed Markers, a Cautionary Tale


Mag Fed Markers, A Cautionary Tale Several months ago I decided to clear out some of the spare gear I have acquired over the years, mostly extra harnesses and a vest that were sitting around, neglected. I advertized my wares on my local Craigslist site, and after a couple of days I had a hit for the vest. A few ... Read More »

Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Gun & QLoader Modification


The Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Gun & QLoader Modification is here. Designed to be low maintenance and have high performance. Because it is a low pressure gun, it also very quiet and accurate. Featured an Electro Pneumatic Flex value to switch between electronic and manual firing. Tons of upgrades and modifications are available too. Read More »

Empire Tracer Paintball Gun


The rebirth of an original. The Empire Trracer Paintball Pump Gun is a good answer to the tough economic times when counting your paintball use is a must. Read More »

Nxe Executive Paintball Gear Bag


  Factory Details Oversized to hold all your gear Heavy duty, all terrain wheels Heavy duty retractable handle 2 padded marker pockets 2 adjustable internal tank straps Padded goggle storage Separate dirty clothes compartment Secure storage area for barrels Read More »

Empire Super Freak Paintball Barrel Kit Empire Freak Paintball Barrel Kit

Empires complete barrel system. Working of the principle of the old Smart Parts Freak barrel, the Super Freak utilizes the same inserts, only with different bore sizes to meet todays needs. Barrel includes one back, a standard 14 inch aluminum tip, carbon fibre tip, and 17 inch Apex2 tip. 5 inserts include .675,.680,.685,.690, and .695. the Super Freak back is compatible with all Smart Parts Freak tips and Backs Read More »