Thursday , 27 August 2015
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1K Facebook Fan Milestone Giveaway!


Well we did it. We finally hit a thousand fans on our Facebook page. We are so excited. It may seem like a small milestone to most people. But, for us this is big. Especially being a home based small business. As a thank you and to share our excitement, we are doing a giveaway. Yay! I am sure you ... Read More »

G.I. Sportz to buy Kee Action Sports


GI Sportz is pleased to announce that it has acquired KEE Action Sports. The acquisition brings together two industry leaders and multiple iconic brands providing an unparalleled product line to the dealer/field base with the best customer service in the paintball industry. With the acquisition of KEE, GI Sportz has brought together a management team comprised of seasoned industry leaders ... Read More »

Shoot for the Cure 2014

The Swamp S&F Paintball Field

On an early June morning earlier this year I found myself traversing the beautiful Oregon countryside in search of a paintball field I’ve heard about, been invited to play at, but seemed to never actually make it to. Players throughout the Willamette valley that have played there always had great things to say, and in each conversation the phrase, “You ... Read More »

Tippmann TCR, a schmorgas board of features


Breaking down the TCR press release for more details on the Tippmann TCR Read More »


Paintball Gateway ( announced that they will return to SuperGame as a Gold level sponsor for 2014. Paintball Gateway promises to infuse Vendor’s Row with a vast array of products, event specials and prizes for event attendees. Paintball Gateway started their reign as a leading paintball store, online distributor and wholesaler in 1989. After adding SuperGame to their annual promotion ... Read More »


Mike Casady confirmed today that Component Concepts Incorporated, producer of the long acclaimed Phantom and Phantom Revolution, is returning to SuperGame XVLII from May 2nd through May 4th, 2014. CCI is a brand that has been synonymous with pump-style paintball play since 1987. The company has been a cornerstone of the SuperGame, and is the headlining sponsor of the SuperGame ... Read More »


The SuperGame big game has announced a major change to the series schedule. Beginning in the 2014 paintball season, the spring and summer games will be combined to create one of the largest paintball events on the west coast. The change from the classic semi-annual schedule has come after much deliberation by event owner Dan Bonebrake of Warpaint International. Mr. ... Read More »

Contraptions for Keeping Cool


More times than I can count, I have seen players ignore their need for water and pay for it later in the day.  Being such a physically demanding activity, players need to stay hydrated.  Next week, I will talk more about the importance of hydration, but for now I will highlight some products I have experience with to help players ... Read More »

Paintball Injuries: A Discussion of Causes and Prevention

Signs and symptoms

Paintball can be one of the most intense physical sports in the world, despite its lack of player on player (intentional) contact. Every weekend people go to their backyards, speed ball fields, and big games without the slightest inkling of what they are about to put their (unprepared) bodies through, and thousands of minor injuries happen in the US alone. ... Read More »

Flowers vs. Zombies, a small event worth attending


In an area with a healthy paintball economy an enterprising couple has risen to the challenge of not only operating their own business, but to also run their own scenario event. When queried about adding an additional event to the calendar, their reply was a serendipitous, “Variety is the spice of life”. Of course the event I’m referring to is ... Read More »