Thursday , 27 August 2015

The Virtues of Pump: Hurting Feelings One Stroke at a Time Pump Paintball Article

I have seen an old trend making a comeback recently, not only locally, but throughout the country. And that, my fellow ballers, is pump play. Whether you are a hardcore stock class disciple, or an open class warrior, it’s really all the same. Read More »

Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask Review


One of long standing favorites mask wise among paintball players has always been the ProFlex from JT Paintball. As far as recent masks go, the Empire E-Vents series is quite popular, and rightly so. With its easy to change lens system, comfortable foam and fit, and great over all protection, its a no brainier for those of us with a ... Read More »

Empire Super Freak Paintball Barrel Kit Empire Freak Paintball Barrel Kit

Empires complete barrel system. Working of the principle of the old Smart Parts Freak barrel, the Super Freak utilizes the same inserts, only with different bore sizes to meet todays needs. Barrel includes one back, a standard 14 inch aluminum tip, carbon fibre tip, and 17 inch Apex2 tip. 5 inserts include .675,.680,.685,.690, and .695. the Super Freak back is compatible with all Smart Parts Freak tips and Backs Read More » Launches As A New Paintball Resource & Information Site


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 11, 2012 – Oldsmar, Florida has officially launched. The goal of the site is to provide news, paintball field listings, and events to the core of the of Paintball Industry. This includes the Recreational Players and the Paintball Fields that support them. is actively building an enhanced database of Paintball Fields in the USA. ... Read More »

Pinokio Paintball Hopper


This Unique loader has somewhat of a cult following. Either love it or hate it, you cant say its not a super loader. Utalizing an expandable nose cone system the user can switch between a standard 250 round nose cone and the 400 round exteded nose cone. The hopper utilizes a bend sensor to tell it when to start feeding more paint. Read More »

Planet Eclipse Geo 3 Paintball Marker Planet Eclipse Geo 3 Paintball Marker

 Factory Description ALL NEW SOLENOID DESIGN The Geo3 has taken the basic operating principle of the Geo2.1 and completely reworked it. In order to achieve optimum efficiency in a wide range of circumstances it is beneficial to isolate the firing chamber from the gas supply during firing cycle so that no excess gas is lost down the barrel after the ... Read More »

OSG Paintball Band of Brothers Scenario Game Update osg paintball scenario game

OSG Paintball in Center Barnstead New Hampshire held their Band of Brothers Scenario Game Event on September 23, 2012. With over 250 players showing up it was one of the best paintball scenario games held this year. Read More »

Planet Eclipse 2013 Split Compact Gear Bag


The New 2013 Split Compact Paintball Gear Bag has been released. The web was buzzing with anticipation and predictions about what Planet Eclipse’s new bag would be like. The Split Compact Gear Bag is all about the pro paintball player who travels. The bag can literally split into two pieces making it easy to carry one on board a plane ... Read More »

Empire Prophecy Z2 Special Edition Paintball Loader


Empire Paintball has Released the Prophecy Z2 Special Edition Paintball Loader. This $ 179.99 MSRP loader monitors the drive force, rate of fire, and will clear a jam before you know it. The internal components monitor the loaders performance to make sure you do no miss a shot. Empire claims it is their most advanced and easiest feeding systems ever ... Read More »

Want to Shoot Zombies with Paintballs? Check out the Festival of Souls


Enter the 8,000 square foot Demon Mansion and beware of the demons that lurk inside as they are collecting souls for their master. Your 5 senses will be put to the test as you never know where the scare will come from. Then take a ride through a 50,000 sq ft post apocalyptic city. Find the zombies and shoot them with the virus killing serum. ... Read More »