Friday , 19 December 2014
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Start Your Paintball Field Business

Celebrate the day you make your paintball dream a reality. Field Logo

Instead of just celebrating the day of our countries independence, why not celebrate your independence, as you make your dream a reality and start your paintball field. Now is the time to Take Action on your dream and make it a reality. Wait! Before you even start with the usually list of excuses, watch this amazing video on how we ... Read More »

Field Paint Only or Bring Your Own Paint ?

As a paintball filed owner or someone who is looking to start a paintball field and yes, start a paintball business, this is a very important question. Many new paintball field owners mistake paint sales as their primary revenue. For someone reading this who is not a paintball field owner you must understand, if the paintball field owner doesn’t make ... Read More »

Will the anti gun agenda effect paintball?

All the blogs, talk radio shows and practically every other media outlet are all talking about ” gun control .”  So we really don’t need another one, however we do need to talk about if the despicable events of one lunatic in a Connecticut school will effect paintball fields and the paintball business in general. Over the last 20 years ... Read More »

Tim Tebow’s Paintball Field


Here at we have worked with all kinds of celebrities and I know Tim Tebow's paintball field will rock! Unfortunately Tim has not opened his field yet , he is a bit tied up with football and his speaking engagements. However there is a lot you can learn about opening your paintball field from Tim Tebow’s situation in Denver and now in New York with the Jets. Read More »