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January 3, 2017

2016 Markers in Review

2016 was a busy year for manufacturers, releasing a combined 18 markers, 4 new masks, 6 new loaders and 2 new high tech systems to enhance your paintball experience (or drain your wallet, jury’s still out). In a series of posts we will take a look back at the new gear that came out in 2016, starting with markers!

Markers that just received only cosmetic changes such as colors or minor milling were excluded.


Tippmann was busy this year, releasing 3 new markers in 2016 alone, squeaking out the third one of their new lineup just around Christmas.


A new mid-range scenario marker released in conjunction with the Rip Clip 2.0, this [...]

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July 7, 2016

Marker Modifications

The paintball industry is one of the few modern industries where you can repair or modify your equipment to your hearts content. There is a plethora of drop-in modifications to change certain characteristics of your marker ranging from the purely aesthetic to changing it’s basic functionality.

Despite manufacturers knowing that you’re going to modify your marker, they design each one to meet a specific set of criteria. In order to meet this criteria, sometimes sacrifices have to be made. The higher end marker you go, the tighter the tolerances are; tolerances being the factors that the marker operates in such as input pressure, spring tension, bolt weight and so [...]

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April 13, 2016

Cossio Insurance asking for feedback

The insurance company everybody loves to hate posted an email online on Tuesday asking for input from the player base, “both pro’s and con’s”, in order to vote on a ballot with the ASTM. The ballot is for allowing insurance carriers to specifically cover FSR’s at the cost of higher insurance premiums. In turn, these costs could be passed on to players in the form of higher registration costs, higher prices for FSR’s and/or a separate registration fee to use FSR rounds on the field.

In the email they claim that the testing done thus far isn’t representative of real physics due to the fact that a metal impact plate is used to measure [...]

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March 24, 2016

The Ultimate TiPX Guide


In 2009 Tippmann unleashed the TPX pistol marker upon the world, and true to form it quickly rose to prominence and a player favorite. Though not the first paintball pistol to market, the TPX brought with it a few key differences: under barrel CO2 cartridge chamber, a weaver rail for accessories and a first party after market remote line adapter among other things. In addition, the TPX launched with Tippmanns legendary durability and support, providing extra incentive for players already familiar with the Tippmann brand.


Not all was rosy at launch though, as the TPX experienced several issues in its first iteration. First was the CO2 [...]

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