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Mag-Fed only Paintball Game

Mag-Fed only Paintball Game

by CJ DromaMay 29, 2016
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A TAP Team led Mag-Fed only event.


Date(s) - 29-May-2016
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Click the link to view field amenities and details
The Swamp (S&F Paintball Field)

Event Details

Event Website:
Event Type: Scenario
Event Sub-Type: MagFed
Paint: Bring Your Own Paint
Pre-Registration? Yes
Registration Fee: $20
Event Paint Prices (if applicable):
  • Low Grade: $45
  • Mid Grade: $55
  • High Grade:
  • Other: :
  • Other: :
  • Other: :
About The Author
CJ Droma
CJ Droma has been playing paintball since 2008. Naturally mechanically inclined, he loves showing the "Why behind the how" and the tech behind the gear used in Paintball.

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