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SuperGame XLVIX

SuperGame XLVIX

by CJ DromaApril 29, 2016
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April 29-May 1, 2016

SuperGame is one of the largest Big Games on the West Coast! For over 15 years, SuperGame has been bringing families, scenario teams, vendors, and brand new paintball players together. The event takes place over 3-days, with the popular Night Ops Game on Friday Night, Traditional SuperGame all day Saturday, and the Spoils of War game on Sunday. Most people sign up for the 3-Day Pass, but you are welcome to pick and choose which games you want to play.

NIGHT OPS GAME FORMAT: The BLUE army battles the RED army in a two hour night game with unlimited reincarnations with two objectives, one each hour. The DMZ will be partially lighted, and Darkwoods will have a generator powering a few lights to keep the enemy at bay.

SUPERGAME FORMAT: The BLUE army versus the RED army for multiple objectives and high priority targets during 7 hours of continuous play with unlimited player resurrections. Players can leave the playing field and return to the staging area at any time during the game in order to re-supply, clean or service their equipment use the facilities, grab a bite to eat, etc. The clock will not stop on his or her account and the game will continue. Every paintball gun will be retested on the chronograph before it is allowed back on the playing field.

SPOILS OF WAR FORMAT: “Noun – Any Profits extracted as the result of winning a war or other military activity.” The BLUE army continues to battle the RED army but now it is to gain “spoils” from the other team. The entire paintball field will be divided into two countries, the United Forts of Blue and the United Forts of Red, made up of multiple Forts. Each Blue Fort will contain multiple different items of Blue Treasure. Each Red Fort will contain multiple items of Red Treasure. Before the game starts, each general will be able to divide its troops throughout its country as they see fit to defend its Forts and attack the other teams Forts. Treasure can not be touched by the owning team. Treasure can not be buried or hid in any fashion. Once a treasure is found, it must be brought by a live player to the looting teams reincarnation area. In addition to keeping the treasure found, the looting team will receive 1 point for each item of treasure returned safely to their reincarnation zone. There are unlimited reincarnations in this game. Additional treasure will be added to the forts throughout the day. Players defending forts successfully will also receive loot from their forts.


NOTE: Due to outside forces First Strike is not allowed for this years event.


Date(s) - 29-Apr-2016 - 01-May-2016
All Day


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SniperzDen Paintball

Event Details

Event Website:
Event Type: Open Play
Event Sub-Type: N/A
Paint: Event Paint Only
Pre-Registration? Yes
Registration Fee: $50/day or $40 if registered & paid early. $80 for all 3 days or $70 if registered & paid early
Event Paint Prices (if applicable):
  • Low Grade: $60 or $50 if paid early
  • Mid Grade: $70 or $60 if paid early
  • High Grade: $80 or $70 if paid early
  • Other: NA:
  • Other: NA:
  • Other: NA:
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CJ Droma
CJ Droma has been playing paintball since 2008. Naturally mechanically inclined, he loves showing the "Why behind the how" and the tech behind the gear used in Paintball.

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