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DoodleBug Sportz Indoor Paintball Arena

DoodleBug Sportz Indoor Paintball Arena

by pbtechadminSeptember 19, 2015
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DoodleBug Sportz is a family owned & operated paintball company in the Seattle area. We started in paintball back in 1997 when father and son went paintball for a sports team season end party. A few weeks later father purchased some paintball equipment and before we knew it we were playing paintball every weekend. The father soon realized when we went to play that all the players would run out of CO2 & paintballs long before we wanted to stop playing and that it was quite a drive back into town to get more supplies to play, so he set up a mobile shop to supply the games and DBS was started.

The DBS Everett Indoor Arena is the premiere paintball facility in Washington state. We have been operating an indoor paintball facility for over 10 years now. Back in November of 2009, one week after a lighting upgrade was installed at our old facility, the building caught fire. We were in that building for over 9 years!

The good news is that our new facility is a state of the art facility. It gets cleaned every week, with the bunker layout changed, so the feel never gets stale.

Our Indoor Arena features is over 20,000 square feet and two battle fields, our Airball field, and our Castle field.

If you are a field owner and wish to update information below please email the updated information with the subject [Field name]FIELD INFO

Company Info

Phone Number: (425)257-9800
3303 McDougall Ave
Everett, WA 98201
United States

Field Pricing

Some fields have multiple packages available for play. Due to the variability of this we cannot list every package for every field. As a result prices in this section are the lowest priced packages available to play. Please be sure to follow the link above to their website for more package details.

Multiple Packages available? Yes
Entry Fee w/Rental: $30
Entry Fee w/Own Gear: $20
HPA/CO2 Refills: Included with Entry
Paint Prices:
  • Field Grade: $50
  • Mid Grade: $60
  • High Grade: $70
  • First Strike:
  • Other: :
  • Other: :

Field Attributes

Airball Field: Yes
Hyperball Field: Yes
Scenario Field: Yes
Woodsball Field: No
Field Type: Indoor Field
Paint: Field Paint Only
First Strike Allowed? No
Pro Shop: No Pro Shop
Marker Repairs & Tuning: Not-Available
HPA: Available
CO2: Available
Food Services: No Food Services Available
Referee: Unknown

Upcoming Events

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