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Eastside Paintball

Eastside Paintball

by pbtechadminSeptember 19, 2015
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NOTE: This is not a regular hosted field. This is an Equipment Rental company that uses public lands as their ‘fields’. Caution is strongly urged when dealing with this company.

Eastside Paintball Field is an outdoor paintball company for private groups only located near Woodinville in Monroe, WA

Woodinville Paintball Field
Eastside Paintball is a paintball rental company that uses public lands as its field. Eastside paintball is located near Woodinville, Bellevue, Redmond and Bothell in Monroe, Washington.

Eastside Paintballis closer to Woodinville, Kirkland, Redmond and Bellevue than any other paintball field.

Eastside Paintball is also convenient to Seattle and other cities in north King County as well as Everett and cities in Snohomish County. See the chart below for distances and drive times to other cities and points of interest.

Eastside Paintball will Rent gear any day of the week (Sunday – Saturday) from 10 am to dusk for players groups of at least 10 players. (Reservations for gear with $10 per player deposit required) A Washington discovery pass is required when using pubic lands. You can buy the pass by clicking here ( ) . If you are looking for a more traditional paintball field experience why not try our sister fields either north of us Monkeytime Paintball Field or south of us Puyallup Paintball Field

Eastside Paintball Description of Public land found on lake Fontal RD

Eastside Paintball Rents gear for you to play on public and private alike. The area in Monroe, off lake fontal RD, is many hundreds of acres is located on Dnr land. We only provide self directed group experiences. At least one person in your group will need to be 18 as you are the people running your group. We will give guidance but at the end of the day your group will be running/in charge of your group. Now that we lost the faint of hart we should say that we do give guidance so that you can make a great paintball experance for you and your group.. A discovery pass is required in order to use DNR land. 10 wooded acres and consists of 4 courses. The terrain varies and is suited to a variety of games. Eastside Paintball Does not change the natural terrain as it part of public land. The woods are beautiful and great for woods play. The trees make excellent cover.

The driveway is steep, rutted and at least 1/4 mile. sturdy shoes are suggested as we walk in. This is a rugged terrine environment, kinda like camping so everyone including spectators and your game runner should dress accordingly.

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Company Info

Phone Number: (425) 440-0845
21685 lake fontal rd
Monroe, WA 98272
United States

Field Pricing

Some fields have multiple packages available for play. Due to the variability of this we cannot list every package for every field. As a result prices in this section are the lowest priced packages available to play. Please be sure to follow the link above to their website for more package details.

Multiple Packages available? Yes
Entry Fee w/Rental: Group Only Rental Packages starting at $250 for 10 players
Entry Fee w/Own Gear:
HPA/CO2 Refills: Included with Entry
Paint Prices:
  • Field Grade:
  • Mid Grade: $70
  • High Grade: $80
  • First Strike:
  • Other: :
  • Other: :

Field Attributes

Airball Field: No
Hyperball Field: No
Scenario Field: No
Woodsball Field: Yes
Field Type: Outdoor Field
Paint: Field Paint Only
First Strike Allowed? No
Pro Shop: No Pro Shop
Marker Repairs & Tuning: Not-Available
HPA: Available
CO2: Available
Food Services: Limited Services Available
Referee: No Field Refs

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