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Nighthawk Paintball

Nighthawk Paintball

by pbtechadminSeptember 19, 2015
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NiteHawk Paintball started out as a neighborhood paintball party in 2004. I have to thank my neighbor Rod Mann for getting me started in paintball. I first played paintball in September of 2004. After the first game I was hook for life! Rod’s been putting parties on for about five years.He would have two or three a year. Because I was so hook to the game, I wanted to play alot more. So I took it to a new level of play for my family and friends. We wanted it to be a fun event for new players of the game. Everybody wanted to play at least once a month, so I started to host games every month. It has grown from about 20 players to over a whopping 300+ at times! Woodsball is what we play. It has become one of the best type of games I have ever played! Each month we try different types of games. So come join us on the next up coming game!

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Company Info

Phone Number: 509-919-4569
39400 Spring Creek Rd
Ford, WA 99013
United States

Field Pricing

Some fields have multiple packages available for play. Due to the variability of this we cannot list every package for every field. As a result prices in this section are the lowest priced packages available to play. Please be sure to follow the link above to their website for more package details.

Multiple Packages available? Yes
Entry Fee w/Rental: $25
Entry Fee w/Own Gear:
HPA/CO2 Refills: Not Included with Entry $7
Paint Prices:
  • Field Grade: $45
  • Mid Grade: $55
  • High Grade: $65
  • First Strike:
  • Other: :
  • Other: :

Field Attributes

Airball Field: Yes
Hyperball Field: Unknown
Scenario Field: Yes
Woodsball Field: Yes
Field Type: Outdoor Field
Paint: Field Paint Only
First Strike Allowed? No
Pro Shop: Limited Shop
Marker Repairs & Tuning: Unknown
HPA: Available
CO2: Available
Food Services: Food Vendor Onsite
Referee: Unknown

Upcoming Events

  • No events in this location
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