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Paintball Battle Zone

Paintball Battle Zone

by pbtechadminSeptember 19, 2015
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Do you need a place to play paintball? Like woods ball? Then this is the perfect place for you to come and play.
Paintball Battlezone is a 2.5 acre speed woods field filled with bunkers and trees to let you make the most of your skills. Easy to find and only 30 minutes away from downtown Portland.

I only ask a $5 donation to help defray the cost of the paintball field. I do have a 50# CO2 tank and compressed air from my 11 scuba tanks. This does cost me money out of pocket so I need to charge $2 per fill, or $5 for all day compressed or CO2. Bring your own paint and bring your own air or CO2

We are very safe and family friendly. I have had children as young as 10 out here playing with adults. I insist on barrel plugs off the field and that you chronograph bellow 290fps. I have never had an injury at the field in over 10 years of playing.

Start time is at 10:00am, arrive at 9:00am so shooting start on time.
We will play from 10:00am to around 2:30pm or so.

If you are a field owner and wish to update information below please email the updated information with the subject [Field name]FIELD INFO

Company Info

Phone Number: NA
27100 NE 9th St
Camas, WA 98607
United States

Field Pricing

Some fields have multiple packages available for play. Due to the variability of this we cannot list every package for every field. As a result prices in this section are the lowest priced packages available to play. Please be sure to follow the link above to their website for more package details.

Multiple Packages available? Unknown
Entry Fee w/Rental:
Entry Fee w/Own Gear:
HPA/CO2 Refills: Included with Entry
Paint Prices:
  • Field Grade:
  • Mid Grade:
  • High Grade:
  • First Strike:
  • Other: :
  • Other: :

Field Attributes

Airball Field: Unknown
Hyperball Field: Unknown
Scenario Field: Unkown
Woodsball Field: Yes
Field Type: Outdoor Field
Paint: Bring Your Own Paint
First Strike Allowed? Unknown
Pro Shop: Unkown
Marker Repairs & Tuning: Unknown
HPA: Available
CO2: Available
Food Services: Unknown
Referee: Unkown

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