SuperGame 50 Beer Mug


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Due to overwhelming response we are opening ordering for the SG50 beer mugs! The orders will be available for the next three weeks, ending on May 26th. These special commemorative mugs sold out at the event within hours of becoming available and since we severely underestimated demand we decided to offer these up here in our Splattshop!


As we need to replenish our stock, delivery of the mugs may take anywhere from two weeks to over a month, so please be patient while we fulfill your order.


Glass is expensive to ship. We’ve tried to reduce costs as much as possible to expand the savings to you.

If you’re in the Portland Metro area you can choose FREE local delivery or pickup at an event we will be at this summer.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page as we will set up a day to hang out somewhere in the metro area for a day to allow you to come pickup your products.

Event pickup:

Here are the events you can pick up your orders at:

Shoot for the Cure June 10th only

Battle of the Wastelands Fight for Sniperzden June 24th only



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