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November 4, 2016

Embrace the Night

Embrace the Night: A Guide to Paintball Nighttime Play and Why You Should Participate


I love paintball. It’s a sport I have been imbued with a passion for since I was very young. There truly is no other team sport quite like it. It’s physical, intense, a fantastic adrenaline rush and a truly unique form of athletic competition. It forces you to use teamwork and out-think your opponents, like playing chess with guns (that shoot paint). Paintball truly does offer something for just about everybody. Like many players, I began my paintball career playing recreationally in the woods when I was young, gradually moving up to playing intense games of speedball and [...]

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March 24, 2016

The Ultimate TiPX Guide


In 2009 Tippmann unleashed the TPX pistol marker upon the world, and true to form it quickly rose to prominence and a player favorite. Though not the first paintball pistol to market, the TPX brought with it a few key differences: under barrel CO2 cartridge chamber, a weaver rail for accessories and a first party after market remote line adapter among other things. In addition, the TPX launched with Tippmanns legendary durability and support, providing extra incentive for players already familiar with the Tippmann brand.


Not all was rosy at launch though, as the TPX experienced several issues in its first iteration. First was the CO2 [...]

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