is a small business ran by me and my wife. I do the paintball stuff, she’s the brains behind our lifestyle products.

I’ve been playing paintball since 2008, and being a tech geek I quickly fell in love with tinkering with my markers. That, and being a cheap skate, I didn’t want to keep paying my local pro shop $80+ every time I had a problem. So I began learning about how to fix and repair my own markers. It didn’t take long before I realized that marker repair and teching was a rabbit hole with not many resources. Thus PaintballTech.Net was born, to share that knowledge in easy to consume formats.

But then something funny happened, to help fund the costs of running a website, we experimented with making lifestyle products that exploded into a thing all on its own. It took over all other efforts with the original mission of PaintballTech. With some changes in our lives, I am slowly getting back to focusing on the core mission that started this so long ago.