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    3. We do not tolerate scam artists. We have and will continue to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to catch those engaged in criminal behavior on this web site.
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    7. Do not bypass or attempt to bypass the swear filter. The filters will catch most words, but intentionally replacing letter(s) with a *, misspelling a word, spacing out words or avoiding the swear filter in any way will result in a ban. Some words and company names on PbNation are not typical swear words. Do not try to avoid the filter on those words either. Pictures or videos of banned words count as avoiding the filter.
    8. No trolling. Do not make posts that are inflammatory, or designed to get people riled up. Substance is the key to not being labeled a troll. If you disagree with someone or something, simply say why.
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    12. Non-sanctioned fundraisers or collections for charity on PaintballTech are not allowed. If you wish to feature a fundraiser, charity or solicit collections send an email to
    13. Posts that encourage or promote dangerous or illegal uses, modifications or actions will not be tolerated.
    14. PaintballTech.Net is open to persons of all ages, if material may be questionable for children, don’t post it!