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June 9, 2020

Bringing an Old Spyder Back to Life

Recently, a teammate of mine purchased a gear bag deal that came with multiple markers, one being a well-loved Spyder MR1. But well-loved in this case didn’t translate to well taken care of; this Spyder has seen some things.

The MR1

When my teammate, Eric (not his real name) attached a tank to it, air leaked down the barrel. He and another teammate did some basic maintenance by replacing the bolt and hammer o-rings, as well as re-lubing parts.

Having started with an MR1 way back when, I am pretty familiar with this marker. I still have mine lurking somewhere in my garage, in fact. When I mentioned that I used to run an MR1 to Eric, he handed me the [...]

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June 22, 2016

The Ultimate Spyder Hammer 7 Guide


Paintball has seen a bit of a shift over the last several years as magazine fed marker technology has improved. Parallel to magfed’s increasing popularity is that pump has seen a fierce resurgence as well and is as popular as ever before. So why not combine the two? That, in a nutshell, is what Kingman did with the Spyder Hammer 7 marker: a magazine fed pump action milsim style marker built and priced as an entry level marker.

The Hammer 7’s slim profile, low cost and pump action has encouraged intrepid modders to come out of the woodwork to hack the platform into a myriad of configurations rarely seen on the field. Whole communities have sprung [...]

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